How We Work

Being in a technologically advanced world, having your cigarette turn into an electronic device can be scary... to say the least. We want to educate you on how an electronic cigarette works and how exactly you get the nicotine you are craving. 

There are two major parts to SmokeEnds electronic cigarettes; the battery and the cartomizer. Within both of these there are three parts, everything working together to get the nicotine you crave. 

The Battery

  • Lithium Ion Battery- this ion battery powers the rest of the components and is rechargeable.
  • Smart Chip Controller- when you inhale on your e-cig this chip can tell. The smart chip is located at the base of the battery, where you screw the battery to the charger. The force of you inhaling activates the smart chip.
  • Indicator Light- this light is located at the top of your battery. When the e-cig is in use the light will come on. When you stop inhaling the light will go off. When the battery is dead the light will flash. 

The Cartomizer (cartridge with the atomizer)

  • Atomizer- this is what heats your nicotine liquid. When you breath in on your e-cig the smart chip tells the atomizer, which heats the liquid. SmokeEnds is unique in that you do not have to replace your atomizer. SmokeEnds does everything for you, there is no need to fiddle around with small parts. When your cartomizer is empty just recycle and pop open a new one. 
  • Heating Vapor Coil- this is at the base of the catomizer. When the liquid is pulled to the base of the cartomizer the atomizer and heating coil get the liquid hot creating the smoke like sensation.
  • Filter- the filter holds your liquid. This is at the top of the cartomizer and is drawn forward when you inhale.


The next part is how the nicotine gets into your system. When you smoke a cigarette the chemicals get into your lungs and absorbed through the bloodstream. "Most of the nicotine in e-cigarettes gets into the bloodstream through the soft tissue of your cheeks (buccal mucosa) instead of through your lungs, like it does with a tobacco cigarette." Serena Gorden, healthday reporter for web, stated. But the biggest difference between SmokeEnds and traditional cigarettes is the 3,996 chemicals you are not getting. Cigarettes contain 4,000 chemicals and 43 of those chemicals are known cancer causing agents according to, a website that has been on the web since 1989 supporting smokers who want to quit . Nine is the maximum number of ingredients in a SmokeEnds e-cig. The four chemicals SmokeEnds and traditional cigarettes have in common is nicotine, diethyl malonate (a naturally occuring flavoring found in grapes and strawberries), ethel maltol (an organic compound flavoring found in confectioneries), and  2,5 dimethylpyrazine (used in food preparation). See ingredients page for a full list of all of our ingredients.  

The smell of smoking is gone with SmokeEnds. When you breathe out traditional cigarette smoke the people around you are in danger to second hand smoke. Not to mention how your hair, clothes, and breath smells for the rest of the day. SmokeEnds provides a flame-less odorless e-cig. The vapor that does come out when you exhale is a chemical reaction from ingredients in the e-cig (see ingredients page). You will no longer carry cigarette smell with you all day. With no flame or odor you can enjoy your habit indoors once again. 

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